General Query

In turnkey projects, it varies depending on the project characteristics. We can build a hospital by taking over a plain empty land and undertaking the whole organization. Or we can equip the interior decoration and technical equipment of a built hospital. As Akademic Hospital Equipment, we have all kinds of construction and decoration capabilities. We are also specialized in supplying all kinds of medical equipment. The most important point to be aware of is that we cannot supply medicines and ambulances in accordance with legal regulations.

So how do we trust you in such big projects? Can you give us a reference? Are you an expert in this business?

You should know that you can trust us with our 30 years of experience and the projects we have implemented. We kindly ask you to review our references.


Do you give support if any problems arise after the project?

Although it varies depending on the nature of the problem encountered, of course, we try to solve every problem as soon as possible. If a machine fails, we immediately contact the authorized service and direct it. It is very important to know the management of international agreements and service networks in hospital equipment. It is also necessary to know the dynamics of the countries within themselves.